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On a general note, people seem to have made science, philosophy and religion totally different subjects and almost enemies of each other. Here is
Ayurveda's take on them

Philosophy is the love of truth
Science is the discovery of truth thru experiment
Religion is the experience of truth and application in daily life


one more fellow vipassi

hi vinay...
i just completed my first 10 day vipassana course from igatpuri this feb..n ofcourse its d best thing ive ever done in life...i read ur posts n felt u had beautifullly written them...gues u must have attended quite many camps as u've evn done d 8 day sattipathana...ur posts r very inspiring so keep them flowing...
tc...n let d 'samta' prevail.....


Hi Megha
good to hear that vipassana happened to you. I have attended 4 courses + 1 Satipatthana. Keep the practice going on. Yes, let samta prevail :)