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All about BSD ... the OS i prefer!
5 7 12 years 32 weeks ago
by vinay
Some of my experiments with delphi ;).

4 4 18 years 27 weeks ago
by vinay
These are my drawings from childhood. Most of them are taken from sketches in newspapers but the more recent ones are an exploration of sorts in addition to knowledge gain. I have no problems with anyone using these images, though i would like to be informed via email (vinay at vinay dot in).

36 36 16 years 42 weeks ago
by vinay
A list of problems/solutions that i encounter/solve at my workplace or probably just snippets/commands that i learn in my quest for knowledge.

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General crappy information about me or anything

3 3 16 years 1 day ago
by vinay
The story of my experiments with linux :)

10 15 12 years 32 weeks ago
by vinay
All Pictures here
1 1 15 years 18 weeks ago
by vinay
Short stories, conversations and some words of wisdom by wise men..... and of course, snippets of my spiritual journey :)
12 25 9 years 13 weeks ago
by vinay
All About swapnil
3 3 16 years 3 weeks ago
by vinay
A collection of short stories to activate some brain cells :).
7 9 9 years 11 weeks ago
by vinay