Short stories, conversations and some words of wisdom by wise men..... and of course, snippets of my spiritual journey :)


I had been to Vipassana meditation at Igatpuri, Maharashtra. The course duration is 10 days. Not suprisingly, it has been the 10 most exciting days of my life. What an experience! Vipassana is basically based on the teachings of Gotama Buddha, the discoverer of the famous Middly Way. Buddha definately has been the greatest scientist ever! He went to the depths of mind, matter and much beyond to find the real cause of misery, disease and purpose of life. After exploring the whole mind matter phenomena, he figured out a brilliant way to get out of misery, disease etc of any kind. Though the explanation would sound like another theory or philosophy, the enlightened One asks us to not believe anything he says. He only asks us to observe ourself and directly experience everything rather than accept things on an intellectual level. In fact, this is Path of Gyana (Knowledge) in which one knows only what one has experienced and anything else he does not know.So, discard all God, religion, ritual, rite or belief of any kind and enter Vipassana.

The journey begins...

I have changed from a non-believer to believer. I have been quite open to different theories regarding the ultimate and out of logical and intellectual reasoning had been a non-believer. But, in the process i became so attached to mind theories that i never really gave a chance for the heart. Yes, i think reasoning is more inclined towards the mind and faith more inclined towards the heart. Both are altogether different trips on their own. I tried one, now am trying to the other :). But mind you, my faith is in the ultimate, not on the mangled religion as i have known it till today. I guess in this process i will be discovering the true ideals of religion as well because ultimately all religions serve the same purpose.

My decision was not made overnight. It happened after some reading and personal experience! As far as reading goes the books initiating the change are

  • Autobiography of a yogi - Paramhansa Yogananda
  • Prayer of the frog - Anthony De Mello
  • One minute wisdom - Anthony De Mello
  • Wisdom of the ancients - Lobsang Rampa
  • Encounter the enlightened - Jaggi Vasudev
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