Kabira man nirmal bhaya, jaise Ganga neer
Pachhe laga hari phire, kehat “Kabir, Kabir”

The great saint Kabir has given some profound wisdom through his Dohe. Kabir says that when he purified his mind (from all defilements like greed, anger, lust, hate, etc) as pure as the Holy Ganges (Ganga is considered holy water), the lord (Hari) himself came asking for him.

What Kabir is trying to tell us is that all our prayers towards any God/religion/Guru is all external but the true path is 100 percent internal. The internal journey is about identifying our defilements and eliminating them. Once we are free from these defilements all the lords will automatically be with us all the time. Each one of us have the potential to purify ourselves.