Mystic Musings

I have been reading Sadhguru's book Mystic Musings and am absolutely shocked!! The book is a series of question/answer sessions dealing in topics ranging from the body and mind to the so called paranormal. The content has made me look at life with a completely new perspective. Also, one will get an idea of what Sadhguru is capable of, probably just a glimpse of it.

I have been very attracted to Isha Yoga ever since my first course. With Sadhguru and his carefully picked lot of ever increasing teachers, one is in safe hands and headed in the right direction. But after reading Mystic Musings, I have realized that my volition is not correct. Deep within, the attraction has been more due to greed. The sudden feeling of becoming powerful and gaining control of your energies and that too in a super fast way seems to be luring me to join further courses of Isha yoga. Practices done with such volition will not get anyone anywhere. In Vipassana, I expected no magic, no mystic, no power... the goal was just to purify the mind.

Isha yoga is a quick and highly effective path but with my expectations will only make me power crazy. Vipassana seems to be the right thing for me. I am still thinking if I should continue with the practices or leave it..... probably I should....