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Whether there's a clash or not depends on the intention. Intention of Vipassana is to purify one's mind and naturally move towards universal selfless love. One is not "doing" anything, nothing like controlling breath etc is artificially created, and only what's natural, normal and has already been happening ever since we've been born, is systematically and non-intrusively observed. There are no significant milestones as such, its just a 1 or 0 - i.e. you are either in cycle of craving or aversion, or you're permanently out of it.

If one is practicing any other technique parallely, one must check ONESELF what is the intention behind ONESELF practicing that technique as well, is it to gain some siddhis etc or is the intention in alignment with the same intention :)

If one wants to move from Bombay to Delhi, and one moves for 50km southwards every now and then, he may take a longer time or run out of fuel/money/and the most precious which is lifespan, etc :)

Please note I'm commenting without knowing much about Kundalini in particular but merely about different techniques in general. Hence the emphasis on ONESELF as you're your own best judge.


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