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No clashes at all

I dont think there would be any clash at all. The goal of all techniques is purification of the mind. Probably, the reason why people dont recommend multiple techniques is because it might not be possible to dedicate time to all of them. But if one can do so, then all the better. One will experience so much more and probably at a quicker pace too. For multiple techniques, another reason may be that people tend to get judgemental about the techniques and may slowly start disliking/shunning certain techniques according to their tendencies.

For example, if I start practicing both Bhakti (faith) and Gyan (intellect) paths, sooner or later I will start having my doubts on the Bhakti path because I am more inclined towards the intellect. Though I very well understand that Bhakti is wonderful technique whereby one will just submit oneself completely to a certain Guru and the rest will happen, my wavering mind will start doubting everything and the process of submission will never happen. But, for some one else Bhakti might appeal much more than Gyan. So it varies from person to person. We should just consider ourselves fortunate that at least we have choices :)


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