LCD Interfacing

This proggy shows how to interface ur parallel port with a LCD display.
What does it do?

  • You can see what you type from the keyboard on the LCD
  • Clear the LCD
  • Turn Off LCD display
  • Turn On LCD display
  • Cursor On
  • Cursor Off
  • Cursor Blink
  • Define your own font

This example basically shows how you can interface real world devices to the
computer by using the parallel port..

Finally my website

Finally, i have decided on drupal for my website. And here it is. No problems whatsoever! Armed with some drupal module writing knowledge, I am convinced that drupal is the best i can use for my purposes.

What can u find here ?
Well, though i haven't decided yet most probably it would be bits and pieces of my work in delphi, C, PHP, assembly and some embedded projects. Also, you can expect some crappy documents, theories etc.

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