Touch Me Not

' Touch Me Not ' was a short film made for BBC'S Talking Movies , 'Young Filmakers Competition' 2003.
Role: Director, Screenplay, Cameraman.
Genre: Sci-Fiction
Runtime: 2 min 30 sec
Language: English
Media: Mini DV
Colour: Colour.

It revolves around a scientist who belives that plants have life and have very strong feelings and to prove this he is doin a small experiment involving his skeptic student. As part of the experiment he ask's his student to uproot one of the two plant which he has sown in close proximity and nurtured. A month later the student and many of his friends are called back and asked to passby the still remaining plant.This time the plant is wired with hi-tech machines n instruments which detects the slightest of vibrations and movements. As the student who had uprooted the plant earlier approches, the plant sends out uncomfortable vibrations which only grows stronger when the student is the closesest to the plant.Thus recognising him.

The character draws inspiration from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' which mentions a brief encounter with Dr.J .C Bose.
This was a story i had heard during a yoga program discourse. It was very inspiring and the chance to make it into a short film followed through,but not without the tremendous support from my friends :)

Touch_me_not.mpg25.56 MB


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