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Well yes

Yes, it only touches the surface. But its good enough to start off. It is in fact karma. From what I understand nothing influences it other than your actions. I have deliberately not gone deeper into the topic as going will get into debatable areas which is neither necessary nor fruitful. There is a reason for this.
Consider for example, you are teaching someone to use a computer. You don't directly start off teaching them keyboard shortcuts, you first teach them to use the mouse and click. Thats because its simple and easier to remember. Once the user gets acquainted with the mouse, then he is made aware that the mouse is not entirely necessary and the same can be handled using keyboard shortcuts. If the user was directly asked to remember keyboard combinations, the user would feel that the computer is really complex and difficult to learn and might not take the initiative to learn. But once the user is comfortable using the computer, then he can be asked to take the next step of using keyboard shortcuts.

In the same way, if I would have included anything more it would get into areas which would stop the reader from taking the first step. The above is enough for the reader to start practice in that direction. Once practice is in place, nature will itself unfold and the law will become clearer and clearer :)


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